Thank you for your interest in becoming credentialed with the EFCA. The EFCA credentialing process is spelled out in the documents found on the EFCA website  The necessary forms and documents are found there.

The Options

There are several credentialing options. The first is that of a renewable five year Ministry License.  For those desiring more there is also a Certificate of Christian Ministry or a Certificate of Ordination after one has first received their Ministry License.  The Certificate of Ordination is for male candidates who have a ministry of preaching and teaching the Word.  The Certificate of Christian Ministry is for qualifying individuals whose primary ministry is in support of teaching and preaching the Word in a local church.

The Process

Credentialing with the EFCA is a process. Gaining ones Ministry License is normally a three year process which involves providing recommendations, fulfilling reading requirements, writing a doctrinal paper and passing a council.  Gaining a Certificate of Christian Ministry or a Certificate of Ordination is normally another three year process. 

Already Ordained?

If you are already ordained with another church or denomination, please contact Jeff Higbie, our Credentialing Coordinator, to see if you might qualify for a Transfer of Ordination. This may allow you to bypass a number of the requirements as well as the three year license. 

Getting Started

To begin the process in our district, please contact our Credentialing Coordinator, Jeff Higbie at or the district office at